Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What Are You Passionate About?

Have you really taken the time to stop and think about what you're passionate about? Our passion should be what motivates us to get up in the morning and do great things. As someone in the education world, my passions provide me the opportunity to inspire and transform the learning of those around me.

Personal Passions

This world is wild, and with such a busy schedule that constantly keeps me moving, it's often difficult to really take the time to focus on my own personal passions. So what am I passionate about?
First and foremost, my growing family. My husband and I are expecting our first child together; a boy, Noah Alexander. Add that to the three year old boy already running around our home, our two cats and a dog, and we've got a party!
I am also deeply passionate about books. I can't say it enough. I love to read. 99% of the time I am found with my nose in a book... an actual book... not an e-reader. Every year I make a goal to read 50 books by December; and every year I miss it by a couple. Life just takes me by surprise and I can't read as much as I would like anymore.
One final passion of mine is food. I love to eat. Some days, I wish I was a chef. I love watching Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Food Network, you name it.

Professional Passions

I was originally drawn into education to be a teacher. I had the typical compelling reason as just about any other teacher I knew at the time: I wanted to help kids find their "light bulb" moments. Those moments that made them go "Ah-ha! I've got it!" Six years later, my philosophy has taken root and grown. I've come to realize I have many passions and talents, that through my experience, I now see my potential in inspiring and transforming the learning of those around me. No longer is my focus just on student growth; now I'm looking for ways to motivate learners of all ages (yes, adults included!) and helping them find their personal standard of excellence.
With that said, these are my top professional passions:
  • Professional Development - I LOVE learning. I'm a lifelong learner. However, not only do I like to do the learning myself, I also like to inspire those around me.
  • Effective Utilization of Technology - Let's face it. Our crazy world revolves around technology (Isn't there talk about robots taking the place of teachers?). Love it or hate it, devices are awesome tools in our field. I love discovering new digital tools for my students to use. Along the line of professional development, I love sharing these tools with my peers. With that said, technology can hinder us. Without properly introducing the tools we find, we really don't now how to use it effectively.
  • Personalized Learning - If there is such a push for students to have voice and choice in their learning, then why isn't it the same for educators? What about Personalized Professional Development?
  • Encouraging Students to Believe They are Exceptional -I didn't go into teaching so I could teach the curriculum, make sure my students pass state testing, and then send them on their way. I went into it because I wanted to inspire them to find their calling, to discover their passions and pursue them. Every student is exceptional and can go on to do great things, they just need someone to motivate them and coach them along the way.

I challenge you today to take the time to reflect on your personal and professional passions. Blog about it or tweet it out. Heck, leave a comment. Whatever you do, make sure you share it with me!


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